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New website

Welcome to the new BullFreeware website.
Amongst bug fixes, the ZIP archives are now correctly generated with the right dependencies according to your AIX version.
If you experience any unexpected issue, please warn us through the contact page or by email to bullfreeware@atos.net.


Updated CMake

Starting with version 3.14.* (better with 3.14.3), CMake now correctly handles the specific requirements of AIX, like libtool does. Thus, building an application with CMake on AIX now generates lib*.a files containing lib*.so shared objects. The -bexpall, -G, and -brtl options are no more used by default. .exp export files, with -bE/-bI, can be used now. In some complex case, that requires to change the CMake files of the application. See the readme for more explanations.


bash v4.4-4

This new release fixes an issue that was there since ages: when root, the test "test -x file" was returning true (0) even if the file has no exec rights.


Python v2 and UCS2/UCS4.

From Python v2.7.12-2 to v2.7.15-3 , we have used unicode=ucs4 instead of ucs2 . For those using Python modules, that should generate issues at execution. We are now back to unicode=ucs2 with Python v2.7.15-4.

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